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My First week in Bolivia

I arrived to La Paz, Bolivia two weeks ago from Montevideo, Uruguay, which is basically all at sea level, and the highest point is 500 meters above sea level and that for one mountain. Coming here, I was really scared about the cold because I really dislike it, and also about the altitude sickness. After I arrived,  within a few hours, I was at school signing up for classes. I walked about 2 blocks until I told my parents that I was desperate for oxygen, like a classmate of mine says, “queria vomitar mis pulmones!” The next day was my first official day of school, and the people were all really nice and everything seemed great until the morning sickness killed me again. While everyone was walking up the stairs at a normal pace I was about 10 steps behind not knowing how to keep up. As a consequence of altitude sickness, I was never hungry, everything that I ate was just so heavy that it made me want to go sleep every five minutes. 

The first day in soccer was very different from what I was used to. The team included more girls than what I was used to, and there were three goalies, which is a lot to get used to compared to only having one in my formerteam. I had arrived at  La Paz and four days later I went and died (to be 100% honest). Two weeks in and now I am considering that joining 3 sports might’ve been a bad decision since I still can’t run 3 laps without dying, but that is ok.

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