My Friends’ Corona Crisis-original

I know. You are bored. And what do you do when you are bored? Well… if you are like me or my friends, you start doing dumb stuff. And if you are really bored, you record yourself doing it.

I have asked many friends to send me videos or pictures of them and what they have been doing in their free time during this Corona Crisis. Below are some pictures of my friends and their experiences during this chaotic time.

My friend Allie expressed her struggles as a junior during the CoVid-19 pandemic.

Promo 2021’s hero Isabella Wahl displaying the bright side of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Even Coach Elba sent us a photo encouraging the Volleyball Girls team to stay home!

Also, I have found it extremely surprising how many people decided to cut/dyed their hair. Here are a few of my friends (including me): 

Sofia del Solar decided to dye her hair with her younger sister, and she decided to use many colors. Let’s hope the dye is not permanent!

Valeria Sanchez tressed her hair.

Finally, my friend Camila Robalino decided to dye her hair. Thanks “CuarenTUSA”.

Luciana Lora and Natalia Zabala had a late video call, and well… Natalia decided to cut her hair at 1 AM… here is the video.


I am one of the few remaining people on earth that still has not downloaded TikTok. I refuse to download it, but some of my friends have created TikTok accounts because of their boredom. Here are a few funny videos of them. 


My friends have not been the only ones who have been bored. I was bored, and I continue to be bored. I have refreshed my social media pages a thousand times, hoping for a news story headline saying: THE CURE FOR CORONAVIRUS HAS BEEN FOUND. But no, I have only managed to find some great memes. Enjoy.


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