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My Supernatural Experiences

You may or may not believe in the supernatural world, unicorns, fairies, aliens, or even vampires, but I do. Why? Cause I have proof. Over the years, I have always been obsessed with these types of things since it gives me hope that there is something else out there. I may have never seen any unicorns, fairies, or aliens, but I have experienced the supernatural. 

Let’s begin when the Furbies, a creepy furry toy, was popular. Like every other little girl I was obsessed with it and decided to get one. I would carry it around everywhere, make it talk with my friend’s Furbies and even feed him through an app. I was obsessed. Like everything else, it lost its popularity and other toys started to attract my interest. I had it laying around my room without any batteries. One night, I was sleeping and suddenly, the toy turned on and started to talk. I got so scared since it had no batteries, so I left my room for days. When I was ready to confront it, I checked just in case it still had batteries, but I was right, it didn’t. That’s the day I decided to take it to the attic and never see it again.

That’s just the beginning of my supernatural experiences. Along with my brothers we have experienced many more. But the last one I experienced creeped me out. It was a normal quarantine day and I was having dinner with my family. We were talking about other supernatural experiences we had experienced. I decided to go upstairs and shower and get ready for school the next day. I was about to enter my parent’s bathroom to shower and I heard a creaking sound as if something was opening or closing. My first instinct was that it was nothing, but then it happened again, and I freaked out. I left to my brother’s room and told him what had happened. He told me he had to get his toothbrush from my parent’s bathroom so we could go and see what it was. Once we got there he opened the door and we heard this really creepy sound. It was as if someone was breathing heavily. The sound went on four times and it got louder each time. Since we were shaken up about the stories we had just told, we were frightened and decided to go downstairs with my parents. Once we calmed ourselves down we continued with the rest of the night. 

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