Nature and it’s Beneficial Twenty Minutes

If you love being outside and adore the sensation nature brings upon you it is time for you to know its health benefits. According to MarketWatch a new study by Arrhase University, located in Denmark, has revealed that kids who grow up in less green environments have a higher risk of developing disorders as they grow older than those who spend most of their time outside in nature.

Being outside for around 20 minutes can help you reduce stress hormone levels. This is nature’s efficient pill to help us, humans. By 20 to 30 minutes walking, sitting or completing a physical activity outside or simply interacting with nature may reduce health issues. Between these are blood pressure, chronic stress, cholesterol, weight, and heart disease.

Doctors are finding this “pill” extremely efficient since it is much healthier perscriptioning a walk in the park than a highly expensive dose of pills. The best part is that you are able to choose what type of activity you would wish to do. There are no restrictions of what you decide to be able to adjust in with nature. 20 minutes is enough but 30 minutes will give you better results as it is ideal for the greatest stress reduction.

It might be tough for many to commit to being in nature, but think just how much your health will improve. Not only will you get to enjoy nature, but you will need to leave your phone aside which nowadays is a huge issue affecting many individuals worldwide. So, what are you waiting for? Go outside today and explore the majestic features nature has to offer.    

Alessandra Quevedo

Alessandra Quevedo is a 12th grader. She writes science editorials and is a marketing specialist for the Newspaper Team. Her favorite food is cheesecake.

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