NBA Families Being Able To Go Into the NBA Bubble

Have you ever imagined being far from your family for over three months? As you think about that you start missing your family. Well, NBA players have had to be separated from their families since the beginning of July. That is just crazy and as they missed each other they were far away during a pandemic.

After the second round of the playoffs and two and a half months in the bubble, the NBA allowed players to bring their families to the bubble.The NBA allowed families to come during the semi-finals for each of the conferences. The players as well as their families were very happy with this because they were going to be able to see their families after two and a half months. Even though players brought their family to the bubble many players did not bring them, because they said it was a business trip. For example, Jimmy Butler from the Miami Heat said this was a “Business Trip” and he did not bring his family to the bubble. Lebron James from the Los Angeles Lakers said he had to stay “Locked In” and he did not bring his family to the bubble. 

Families just couldn’t go to the bubble and be there. They had to go through some procedures to enter the bubble.

  1. Families have to do 14 days of quarantine. 
  2. They have to get tested for COVID-19 everyday during their quarantine.
  3. They have to quarantine separate for their families unless the child is a baby.

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