NBA Practice Facilities Opened May First 

The coronavirus is a lethal virus that has shut down the world, professional sports, and the entire World Economy. Everything will come back to normal in a long time. Everything is going to take a long time and will be a long path we have to follow. But everything is starting to go back to normal in some countries that are controlling the situation. 

Well many sports will take a lot of time to go back to normal. But the day has come for the NBA to go back to normal and the practice facilities are opening. The NBA authorized that all training facilities could open on May first. Every facility had to have security measures and all facilities had to have limits. Many teams of the NBA said that they wouldn’t open their facilities but others said that they would open only for the team which means there can not be any fans nor unauthorized people. 

People allowed in the facilities are the coaches, the whole team staff, the janitors, and the players of the team. Many people can go to the facility and take part in the training session. Although many players of the NBA have been diagnosed with this lethal virus they can go play as long as they have been cleared from the virus. All the players may practice but also should maintain their space apart from each other.

Now that the facilities are open and players expose each other they now have many limits. They have to leave the facility and go straight to their houses and don’t have contact with the outside world because the players have to be healthy and don’t expose the whole team. One infection of the virus and the whole team would be exposed and have the virus. 

Everything is going back to normal slowly but it is. You have to be patient and have to be calm because this will take a long time and will be hard. But keep your mindset positive and only get surrounded by positive vibes. 


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