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New Schedule in Quarter 2

A new schedule has been made for quarter 2. Most changes have been made to Friday. On Friday, in the old schedule, it was chaos. Students would go from one class and directly to another, which was very stressful to most. With the new schedule, in between each class, there is a 5-minute break, which is ideal to prepare and go calmly to the next zoom call. One element that stayed the same was that all classes are passed on Friday, all 8 periods.

A big change in this new schedule is that there is no advisory, students will go directly to class at 8:15. For most students advisory was the time to eat breakfast or get ready for the next class. But, by starting earlier that leads to finishing school earlier. School now finishes, only on Fridays, at 3:10. It isn’t much of a difference but with the other details that have been included such as the 5-minute breaks between each class, leaving school even a little earlier is great.

The breaks meant for snacks and lunch stay the same, and also Monday to Thursday times stay the same. The new schedule was needed due to the fact that Friday’s classes were all crammed together. Now, Fridays will be a relaxing and calm day, and get us ready to go into the weekend!

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