New Things People are Doing/Learning During Quarantine

This whole virus is hurting every place in the world, including small countries that can afford medical treatment. Every day, there are more infected people that have acquired the virus. Scientists who are working on the cure estimate that there won’t be a cure due to the fact that this is a new virus for them. Before being able to find the cure, they have to find the genetic code and find another virus to be able to kill the coronavirus. Since scientists estimate that much time for quarantine, people are starting to worry, companies will go bankrupt, many people are dying, and people are also losing their jobs. Science people have so much time free, they are starting to look for new things to do. The good thing is that people who are learning to do something else, they have a long time to master the new skill they are acquiring.

First, companies are starting to find new ways to still participate in the market. In order for them to do this, they have to find a new way for people to use their products. Since people cannot go out of their houses, companies should make a product that is available from home. The only things that can be done by following the law, are through the internet. The first thing companies came up with was that they needed to make a platform for people to be able to watch movies. Then companies started finding new ways in which people will consume their product. Since people were in their houses for long time periods, the thing that they wanted to do most probably, was to be able to see people again. So flexible companies such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram came up with the idea of adding an option to be able to call like facetime. This risk they took, made many people download their app. Why did people download their app? People download their app, due to the fact that people are dependent on other people, they have to see other people in order to be happy.

Now people wise, people are starting to get to know new activities that they are willing to learn. Some of these activities are cooking, cleaning, drawing, painting, instruments, and video chatting as well. People who have extra time due to stress, find new ways to release that stress, by doing some type of sport. Other people also release that stress, by playing games, or maybe cooking. People such as dads (mostly) are really stressed due to the fact that the world economy will fall drastically. Instead of worrying, they should find a new business in my opinion. Businesses such as Technology-based businesses. Why technology-based businesses, this is because technology products will never go out of business, people need technology in order to live. I say that people are technology-based, this is because technology opened a new way for us to solve everyday life problems, with technology.

Due to the COVID-19 problem, people are staying in their houses with their more beloved people. This will either help the situations in which your family is more united, or wants to become apart. This is the time for you to enjoy all the love that your family members have to offer you. This is also the time to enjoy your parents, maybe your children. Take this time to reflect, and maybe take it to create bonds with people you never really enjoyed to be around. Look at this time as a break, take it as a stop in time. Everything was going so fast, take this time to enjoy family mostly. These are new beginnings that will be coming soon, maybe it was a sign of the world towards us in order to stop destroying it. It is time for us to change.

Jorge Salinas

My name is Jorge Salinas. I am a junior. I love soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be funny.

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