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New Year, New Semester

Welcome back everyone. It’s 2021, and we have begun a new semester. What’s new? Nothing else has changed except for being in a new year. There aren’t any new students that will be joining this semester in Secondary, and the schedule has remained the same. If there are any changes the Cougar Press will be answering and letting you know with updates. Plus, get ready for great and new content coming from the Cougar Press. Many more videos and interesting articles will be coming out!

Several students had to adjust waking up early again and going to class, and many wanted an extension. After having a long break it’s always hard to get back on track, but this 2nd Semester is going to be great!

Mr. Otis, our Superintendent, released a video, before the Christmas break, addressing that the school campus might be opening on Feb. 1st. However, there hasn’t been any updates on that matter, so online schooling might be remaining. But, think positively you get to attend classes in your pajamas!

xoxo stay safe 

Vincenza Marisco

My name is Vincenza Marsico. I’m in 10th grade. I love cats. I have a fear of spiders.

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