Ocean Warming


The world’s oceans have warmed . A marine heat wave is defined as a stretch of ocean with extremely high temperatures for at least five days. Since 2014, at least half of the ocean’s surface has warmed faster than it did during the most intense episodes between 1870 and 1919


The majority of the extra heat is absorbed by the oceans. Globally, rising ocean temperatures are a key source of concern for communities and ecosystems. Rising sea levels are caused by water molecules expanding as temperatures rise, eroding coasts, threatening infrastructure, and contaminating freshwater with encroaching saltwater. 

Rising ocean temperatures must be a big source of concern for people and ecosystems all throughout the world. As the waters become warmer, they cause:.


  • Hurricanes will be more destructive due to increased humidity in the air and higher sea levels, which will intensify storm surges.
  • Increasing temperatures cause water molecules to expand, eroding coasts, threatening infrastructure, and contaminating freshwater with entering saltwater.
  • Coral reefs are disappearing as the corals’ major food source, colorful algae, leaves due to heat stress. This stripped corals of their vibrant hues, forcing them to starve, as well as threatening the survival of hundreds of reef-dwelling species.
  • Because their existing habitats are becoming too warm, fish are migrating higher latitudes, affecting fisheries.
  • heavier downpours and widespread flooding because more ocean water evaporates as temperatures increase, supplying the atmosphere with more humidity.


Even if global warming is a massive issue that we can not solve, we can slow down the process of the oceans warming by reducing human emissions of heat-trapping gasses and soot.


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