Off White Shoe Collabs

Off White hasn’t been around that long compared to other clothing brands, yet their products are one of the most collabed with and sought out for in the hypebeast and fashion industry. Their journey began with a designer named Virgil Abloh. Abloh was one of the biggest designers during his time, working for the popular and extravagant luxury brand Louis Vuitton. He spent a good amount of time there and decided to open his own stores and brand. Apart from working as a designer for Louis Vuitton, he began to expand his brand and begin to work with some of the biggest known sportswear and clothing brands in the world. The main collaboration that got Off White on so many people’s radar was their collaborations with Nike in both shoes and sportswear.

One of the biggest was their Off White Air Jordan Collection with the price skyrocketing to over $3000. There were 4 colorways made which surprised me because compared to the rest, the red one was the one that changed in price the most. Starting at $350, the shoe began to skyrocket, reaching the $1000 in less than 2 weeks and slowly reaching the $5000 mark today. These shoes are so expensive that not many people buy them to wear them, more as either an investment or for a collection.

Off White is continuing to grow having made over 40 shoe collaborations with Nike and having all of them sellout in no time. Because of this, the prices begin to rise. As the demand goes up and the supply plumits, the prices for these collectables raise the roof and the bar for people who want to get a hold of these items.

The only way that people are able to do this is through either connections with people inside of the retail stores or through third party softwares that allows for the payment process to go through in a matter of milliseconds. Off white will more than likely keep releasing new stuff which will make these third parties or connections more valuable than ever.

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