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One of a Kind Freshman Year

As we all know, the last school year was chaotic. 2019-2020, my freshman year, was one of a kind. At first, everything was fine. We went to school, we had extracurriculars, we had CWW, Cougar Cup, and many other fun activities. Unfortunately things started to go south.

Everything started to go wrong in October. With the political outburst in the country, many strikes were held, and many couldn’t attend school. To continue with our education, we had online classes, but it didn’t work out. The school was empty with the few students that could go. We missed different school activities like Halloween or soccer and volleyball Friendship Games, which is something everyone waits for enthusiastically. Though, 2019 was just the beginning of the weirdest freshman year.

2020 was finally around the corner, and were all eager to have a better year. Sadly, that’s not how things went; it was even worse. The second semester had a good start. We were back with presential classes, we had extracurriculars, we even had a Cougar Cup for basketball and track, but this is where things got horrible. I still remember how it was the last day when we were not quarantined yet. It was a Thursday, and the next week we had spring break. Everyone was happy that they wouldn’t go back to school, but little did we know that it was the last time we were going to see all of us. We finished the school year online, trying to get the best out of the situations. Like my brother tells me, I had the weirdest freshman year. 

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