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Online School During Quarantine

I think everyone by now knows what has been happening around the world. Thanks to the Pandemic Covid-19, many things have been closed and canceled such as schools, amusement parks, restaurants, concerts, festivals and more. Since people have to keep going with their lives, thanks to technology we can do everything online. Many people are working from home, some broadway musicals are transmitted online, and young people are doing school or college online. 


After our spring break, it’s time to get back on reality, which means going back to school, but there is a twist this time, online school. We have already been through this once, and to be honest, it wasn’t that effective. Maybe this time things will go better. Now we only have two classes each day which lasts three hours! That’s an insane amount of time for one class, but we don’t have the class for the rest of the week on the good side. Also, the day goes by quickly now since we are all stuck to our computers having online classes from 8:30 a.m to 3:15 p.m. This means that we don’t have that much time of the day to be bored at home doing nothing since we can’t go outside or be around people. 


Since administration and teachers noticed that last time the classes weren’t that effective, this time they changed the whole way of how online school would be. First, we have to join in at “hangouts” at 8:30 in the class. We are supposed to have that day until 11:30. Then, we have a thirty-minute break and have classes again until 3:15. So far, it has been working well, since we have lots of time to get work done in class. We also have the convenience of having our cell phones which help us communicate with our classmates to ask questions or call them if they need to get into the call. Maybe after all the three-hour classes and the 30-minute break online classes won’t be that bad. 


Here is the picture of the schedule during quarantine if someone needs it 🙂

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