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Online School, the New Normal

Covid-19 has changed the world drastically. Everything has been stopped. Concerts, school, get togethers, even weddings can’t be done. We have changed how we communicate, how we receive our education, and how we socialize. The world has adjusted to a new living.


In our country, education for many kids has been suspended until the end of the year, but for our advantage, we have the benefit to continue with our education. It may not be the same as it used to be when things were normal, but at least we have the opportunity to learn during these hard times. Distance learning is different compared to what we are used to. Instead of being in a classroom, we are in the comfort of our houses. We don’t get to socialize or talk with our friends directly, but thanks to the development of technology, we can still communicate with each other.


Everything has changed, but the school is trying hard to make distance learning work. Unlike last year, they have modified the schedule, which I’m thankful for. Having two classes a day,three hours each, was a torture. Now that classes are shorter, and we have more breaks, school is easier to manage. Though many improvements have been made, I still find it tough to adjust. Since we are at home, anything can distract us. We have our phones next to us, family going in and out of our workplace, our pets, even the smallest thing. If you are like me, you get distracted easily. There are not only distractions, but sometimes the internet doesn’t work or the lights go out! Distance learning has it’s benefits and it’s disadvantages, like everything else.


Though the learning is different now, we should be grateful that we have the benefit of still having it. We can continue with our education via technology because we have the resources to do so, while many around the country can’t afford it. It may not be the best, but we should try to take advantage of it.

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