Online School’s Pros and Cons

Although many people hate online school and would want this pandemic to end, there are many benefits to online school. Some may say being online in front of the computer 8 hours is tiring. Stress and laziness start to jump in, you forget to turn in homework assignments, etc. Don’t worry, this won’t always be boring and stressful all the time. There are some major advantages to online learning. First of all, imagine not having classes during quarantine. Wouldn’t you be bored? Another HUGE advantage is if you need to go to the bathroom, just stand up and go. When there was no quarantine and you really needed to go to the bathroom, some teachers would say “why didn’t you go to the bathroom during lunch?”

Now, you have the ability to go to the bathroom without even asking. Moreover, don’t need to be sitting on a hard desk all day long. You can just wake up and have online classes while you’re laying in bed. This makes it a more comfortable learning environment; you can study literally wherever you want! So don’t worry, it will all be fine!

Nicolas Zamorra

Hi, my name is Nicolas, I am a junior, I love soccer, and a word that would describe me would be reliable.

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