Oscar Nominees for Best Animated Picture

  1. Klaus

Klaus is an animated film made by Sergio Pablos Animation Studios (SPA studios) which was distributed by Netflix. It was written and directed by Sergio Pablo. This movie marks Sergio’s directorial debut. The movie falls into the adventure-comedy genre. It counts with the voice acting of J.K. Simmons and Jason Schwartzman among others. The plot revolves around the son of a wealthy postman that was doing terribly in the family business, so his father sents him to an Artic town and assigns him with an almost impossible task. In this town, he encounters Klaus, a woodsman that will help him fulfill his task. The movie came out on November 8th on Netflix. It has been acclaimed for the new-found way it uses 2D animation and incorporates it into the new era of CGI.

  1. Missing Link

The Missing Link was made by Laika Studios. It is a Fantasy-Adventure movie that came out on April 7th in the USA. It was written and directed by Chris Butler (known for movies like Paranorman and the Corpse Bride). The movie’s plot is about an explorer that finds “The Missing Link” in human evolution in the form of a Sasquatch. The explorers help him get to his cousin “The Yeti” in the Himalayas. The movie has an all-star voice casting with actors such as Hugh Jackman and Zoe Saldana. It already won the Golden Globe for the best-animated feature. Critics acclaimed the movie for its classic stop-motion animation, its humor, and heart. 

  1. Toy Story 4

The acclaimed “Toy Story” movie franchise comes back with a fourth and final installment. This time the movie focuses on the re-encounter of Woody and his old love  Bo Peep. The movie also shows the rest of the toys’ new life alongside their new owner Bonnie. The movie was made by the Pixar Studios and distributed by Disney, just like the three predecessors. As far as voice acting goes, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen returned as their respective parts Woody and Buzz, Annie Potts also returned as Bo Peep after being absent in Toy Story 3. Don Rickles was supposed to come back as Mr.Potato Head, but he died in April 2017 so old unused lines from the other movies and video-games were repurposed for this film. The media was hesitant of this movie at first because of the perfect ending the third movie had, but after seeing the first trailers and teasers the movie was quickly accepted for having the same essence that the movies that came before. The movie was directed by Josh Cooley and came out during the Summer of 2019. 

  1. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is the conclusion to the story that began in 2010. The movie is directed by the same man as the two before: Dean DeBlois. It was developed by Dreamworks and distributed by Universal Pictures. The plot takes place a year after the last film and follows Hiccup’s discovery of a dragon paradise while adapting to Toothless’s new relationship with a female dragon. The voice actors of the last two films returned for this movie with Jay Baruchel as Hiccup and America Ferrera as Astrid.

  1. I Lost My Body

I Lost My Body is a French animated film that was directed by Jérémy Clapin. It premiered in the Cannes festival where it won the “Nespresso Grand Prize”. After winning this award the movie was distributed by Rezo Films and it is currently on Netflix. The movie is about a hand that escapes a lab where it was being kept and tries to go back to the body it belongs to. The body is a young man trying to become a pianist or an astronaut. The movie was highly praised because of its animation and cinematography.

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