Palmeiras to the final: Was it fair?

After a year with a lot of surprises on September 15th, the Conmebol Libertadores cup started again. Due to COVID-19, this cup stopped for six months, and in its restart, Conmebol wanted to play 120 games in less than four months. What seemed impossible for many people became a reality. After 3 months of intense football on January 30th, the cup will close with a heartfelt final between Palmeiras and Santos. The question here is: did Palmeiras deserve to be in the final?


Palmeiras played the semi-final against River of Argentina. The first game was played in Argentina and the second was played in Brazil. In the first game, Palmeiras won 3-0 and went home with a splendid result. This meant that River needed to win 3-0 to go to penalties in the next game. In the second game, River started with the mentality of a glorious comeback and they almost made it. At the end of the first length, River was winning 2-0 and the victory did not seem so impossible. On the second length, River was playing at its top-level but the VAR ruined their dream. 

VAR is a system that was supposed to help referees but until now it only harmed football. During this game, River got invalidated a goal by this new technology because of a supposedly offside. The history does not end here because thanks to the VAR River got invalidated 2 penalties. Because of this, River got eliminated in a very unjust way. Many people are very angry because of this and they want the VAR out of football. Do you think VAR needs to be taken?


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