Piece on Inventing Anna on netflix


I would recommend this show hundred percent, this is a story of a foreigner who came to the USA to fake it until she made it. Everything when she was little and started to obsess with magazines and that everything she wanted is to be a VIP. My opinion with this piece comes with the argument of her lawyer about “The Sinatra effect” that he paid women to faint on her performance to be excited and have an ambulance outside, which was not illegal. Anna was not any more different than. What she did was only make herself look better. Let’s be honest for a moment, people like good covers. The story for me was hooked. I watched the series with my mom, and instantly her story for me was so powerful that it made me think about the power socialites have, and another part of wealth. What happened to Anna is that she was sent free after 4 years in prison, now she is a free person and has paid back all the people she con thousands of dollars. She still uses social media and post what her live , she seems happy with her 864 thousand followers. Let’s hope the next time we hear the name Anna Deyve is that she now managed to fund her incredible ideas and she is successful at it.

Natalia Alanoca

that’s my life. Weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing, and above all, epic

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