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Pipipipipi, Do you like to eat pie?

π is a ratio that is a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is an irrational number that it cannot be written as a simple fraction. We use in geometry for calculating the area and circumference of circles, radians, trigonometric functions, statistics, physics and even in economics. It means that π is used everywhere, even in our life. We use π as 3, 3.1. 22/7, 3.14, and 3.141. We even don’t know the exact value. Even the computer is still calculating. 

π originated from 4000 years before. The Babylonians calculated the area of a circle by multiplying 3 times the square of its radius. The Egyptians used 3.1605 for π, which is a close approximation. The first calculation was done by Archimedes, who is one of the greatest mathematicians of the ancient world. He used two same polygons, one circumscribed outside a circle and the other circumscribed inside a circle to prove . Looks like had a long history.

Do you know that March 14 is the π day? We usually throw a pie to math teachers after saying the decimal values of π as much as we can. 

Surprisingly, there is a way to find out how much is using taylor series.

Last question: Am I going to throw a pie to the math teachers on March 14?

I’ll answer this question next time.

Here is the proof.

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