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There aren’t many activities out there that include gaining knowledge and entertaining yourself at the same time. Let’s admit it, even though we learn at online school, the only entertaining part of it is watching your friends mess around with teachers. During the most intense months of quarantine, I did a math course that I worked on at night. I had never been so bored during those hours of studying; thankfully I discovered podcasts. The cool thing about podcasts is that you don’t even have to be watching a video to understand everything, one can listen to it while studying or going for a walk. The following podcasts are the ones I enjoy the most and listen to this day.

“The Joe Rogan Experience”, the GOAT of all podcasts. JRE is a spotify-exclusive audio and video podcast hosted by American comedian, Joe Rogan. It has over 1,600 episodes and each lasts around 2-4 hours. When I first started listening to this, I was amazed by the ability to talk about exciting topics and interesting ideas with guests such as: Robert Downey Jr, David Blaine, Post Malone, Elon Musk, Miley Cyrus, Mike Tyson, and many more. Some of my favorite episodes were the ones with Elon Musk, David Blaine, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Have you ever seen the famous meme of Elon Musk smoking weed? Well, that happened during a live podcast interview with Joe Rogan.

The next podcast you should listen to focuses more on entertainment, but you can also learn some new and fun things. I am talking about “Impaulsive”, hosted by Logan Paul. If I could describe this podcast with a couple of words it would be: a thought-provoking, mind-stimulating conversation, performed by a bunch of idiots. The amount of information and laughs I get out of listening to these dudes talk about stupid (and sometimes serious) stuff, is incomparable. Some episodes I urge you to watch are the ones with: Dr. Greer (they discuss extraterrestrial life), Charlie Rocket (positive mentality), Jordan Belfort (untold stories from The Wolf of Wallstreet), and 6ix 9ine (it’s extremely funny).

The last podcast I recommend is for all the soccer fans out there (of course I wouldn’t forget about you guys). It is “Here We Go” by none other than Fabrizio Romano, the ultimate detective when it comes to the latest deals and agreements between players and clubs. This dude will literally predict and tell you about any club’s agreements before the club or anyone else announces it, and he’s always right. If you want to get exclusive content about your club’s new signings and trades, be sure to subscribe to his podcast on Patreon for only 3 euros a month.

Sebastian Bohrt

Hi, I’m Sebastian. I’m an FCB fan (currently debating if I should change team) and I love playing tennis. I know how to solve a Rubik’s Cube and Messi is the goat.

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