Psychological Tips That Will Make People Like You


People’s minds work in very rare ways. Thanks to a human study, there are psychological ways to make people like you and perceive you differently. Thanks to this, we are able to manipulate people’s minds and the impression they have about us. Now you may be wondering what are they? These things are quite simple, but really affect the way people view you. Number when first meeting someone always tries to match their energy and kinda copies their gestures, this is called the chameleon effect. A study was made at a University in New York, where they grabbed 72 people and paired them up, they asked half of the people to mimic their partner, and the other half acted normally. At the end of the experiment, people were asked if they enjoyed their partner’s company, and the ones who had been mimicked enjoyed their partner’s company more than the ones who hadn’t been mimicked. Number two, don’t be afraid to compliment people, when complimenting people be wise on the words you choose because they will associate the adjectives you said to you. According to the author of The Happiness Project, “whatever you say about other people influences how people see you.” This means that if you trash people, your circle around you will start viewing you negatively. Number three, don’t be scared to show your flaws from time to time. A study made by the University of Texas showed that when people made mistakes, they were more likable than the ones that were acting perfectly. Number four smile more, smiling is a way of showing people that you are more approachable and easygoing. Studies have shown that when you smile you are more likely to interact more, and when smiling when first meeting someone they are more likely to remember you. There are many more ways to trick a human mind into liking you, but these are just a few. Manipulating a human’s mind is not recommended if there are no good intentions behind it. 

Isa Blacutt

Hi, my name is Isabella Blacutt. I really enjoy spending time with friends. One of the things I love doing the most is helping animals that are in need, and give advice I never take.

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