Psychology of Colors

What would life be like without color? A question that if you ask people, you will get many different answers. However, most of them would agree that life without color would be boring and lack something special. This is because color transmits emotions and makes people’s life more enjoyable. In fact, Science has repeatedly proven that specific colors make the people seeing them feel a certain way and experience a particular feeling. Today, we will go over the most popular ones and give some advice on when to use them.

  • White – transmits Cleanliness, Innocence, and Simplicity.
    • Use white when you don’t want to draw attention (exceptions: wedding), and in a business where you promote fast and straightforward solutions.
  • Black – transmits formality, security, and sophistication. 
    • Use black when you attend important events, when you want to transmit confidence, and when you try to decorate a room to look sophisticated.
  • Blue – transmits trust, peace, and loyalty.
    • Use blue every time you can, especially when you go to school, work, or job interview. You will stand out as trustworthy and loyal, which is always good.
  • Purple – transmits a sense of Royalty and luxury. It also conveys ambition and spirituality.
    • The best times to use purple are at important events, where you want to stand out and still look elegant and classy. It is also an excellent idea to wear purple on a date. Everyone likes ambition, spirituality, and luxury can do you no harm.

Like this, many other colors have an effect on human emotions. I encourage you to do more research. It is an entertaining topic to learn about, and maybe you will even apply some of the tricks in daily life.

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