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Q3 is almost over…

It feels like a few days ago that we started the second semester. However, we were almost halfway there. Quarter 3 is about to end. That means exams,  projects, sending grades, stress, and sleepless nights. But no, I’m here to give you some tips and finish the quarter in the best way.


  1. The day of delivery of qualifications

Many of you are not even aware of when you will be sending the grades. On March 16, all qualifications are sent. Some teachers will begin to send them before. So, what are you doing? Talk to your teachers and ask them. It is essential to know this beforehand.


  1. Organize your Schedule

Now that you know the due date, how about you start planning how you organize your time? Try to prioritize exams. Set aside time to work on projects little by little. Try to deliver your formatives and summative on time. Of course, always know your limit and do not stress yourself out; balance it out, so if you feel too tired one day, try moving it to a time you will be more comfortable.


  1. Talk to your teachers.

Although teachers send us homework and projects as if they hate us. They are there to help and teach you. If you have questions or queries, talk to them. If your grades are low, see the teacher talk about ways you could improve your qualification. There is always a solution.


  1. Constantly check Power School

Constantly review your qualifications. Check which subjects are good and which ones need improvement. So when that day arrives, it won’t be an unpleasant surprise.


Camila Salazar

My name is Camila Salazar. I am 16 years old. I am bolivian and was born in Santa Cruz. I like singing, listening to music, drawing, and playing video games. I dislike doing homework, like anyone I guess, and online class. My favorite subjects are chemistry and world history.

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