Quarantine: How to Stay Fit

Due to the Quarantine, all of us are restricted from our movements, not being able to go outside, take a walk, or go shopping. The real problem, however, is not being able to go to the gym. To me, losing a place I went almost everyday to workout was a huge issue. How am I going to work out in my house without all the equipment, weights, and treadmill? What if I lose all my muscles and my progress? When struck by these horrible questions, I started searching for ways to minimize muscle loss and maintain my body fit during these depressing quarantine moments. So, here are few tips to not lose your progress and keep your body fit.

Do Bodyweight exercises

Since we do not have excess to weights in the gym, we have to use the alternative: bodyweight. Do basic exercises we all know of: push-ups, squats, sit-ups, burpee, and lunges. Since these exercises without any additional weights, we need to do multiple repetitions for each exercise. By multiple repetitions, I mean 100~200 reps. This process will be extremely tedious. To avoid getting bored before you get tired, watch Netflix or Youtube while doing these exercises. No, you are not going to get the same results as going to the gym or get even more fitter and muscular. Our bodies gain stronger muscles when we lift heavier weights, and that is impossible to do while stuck at home. By doing these exercises, instead, you can maintain your body status. Your muscles will inevitably become smaller, but do not worry too much. Once we get to the gym again, those muscle sizes will quickly come back to its normal size. One tip when doing bodyweight exercises is that the power required to do an exercise is fixed. For example, you need 100 energy to do a push-up, no matter how you do it. That power is determined by your strength x speed. The strength is the number of muscles participating as well as the energy spent by them. The speed is the time you take to do a push-up. So, if you do your push-up slower, you will need more strength to fill in the needed power. This will result in your muscles getting tired much quicker, as well as more muscles participating at the same time, leading to a more efficient workout.

Eat Protein

Protein is essential when gaining new muscles. For the same reason, it is important to maintain the muscles you already gained. Normally, people need about 1.2g of protein for every 1kg of their body weight. Even if you are not working out, you still need minimum protein intake, or else you will experience serious muscle loss. To prevent this disaster from happening, consume protein in every meal. Do not just eat carbs or fat all day. Additionally, proteins do not get converted into body fat in most of the cases. In most cases, fats are made out of sugar, excess carbs. Actually, any excess calories get stored into fat or glycogen. In conclusion, eat lots of meat, it will reduce your body fat while maintaining your shape. 

Binge Eating is Okay

Due to extreme boredom exerted by quarantine, we tend to mindlessly eat snakes to shake off that feeling of boredom and sometimes even anxiety. If you binge ate unhealthy food, such as cookies, jellies, or sweats, do not feel too bad about yourself. Just go back to your normal, healthy foods, sleep it off, and exercise regularly. The real problem of binge eating is that you give up after it, shame yourself, and never go back to your normal routine. One overeating will not ruin your progress nor your body significantly. The increase in body weight after binge eating is mostly water as well as left-over food in your stomach that is not digested yet. Only a tiny bit of what you ate actually got converted into fat. Another interesting fact is that a 1kg of fat can store about 7700 calories. That also means it takes about 7700 to gain 1kg of body fat. 7700 is an extreme amount of fat, and no one can binge eat that much. So, do not feel bad when you overeat or binge eat. Go back to your routine, and your body will forget you that ate 1kg of cookies.

Sleep Well

Sleeping well is more important than you think. Sleeping is when your body recovers itself and builds new muscles. Sleep deficiency can lead to loss of motivation to exercise as well as binge eating. By sleeping less, you are taking away time for your body to become fitter. On the other hand, sleeping reduces stress, which prevents your body from eliminating fat.

Keewan Kim

Keewan Kim is a 11th grader. He writes art editorials and is a Designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite movie is Toy Story 3.

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