Rats with poisonous hairdos: Should We Worry?

Do you like rodents in your house? Are rats a problem or a plague? Should they be considered dangerous? Can a rat kill a human being? Rats are not an animal you are supposed to like. Rats are in places where people don’t like to be. They roam in filthy places which can endanger the life of a human being. Worse of all, rats are evolving, and some may be able to take our safety from places we need to be at.

Maned rats are dangerous due to the environment in which they live. These rats like to take small bites out of tree barks. The small bite these new rats take is poisonous enough to be able to kill an elephant or another animal with the same size. If this poison can easily kill something as big as an elephant, do you think that we as humans stand a chance? These rodents lick, or bite the toxic parts of the tree, and then drool it into their long rat hairdo and weaponize it. Yet these particularly dangerous rats, which scientists assumed and used to call “loners”, are now known for being close to our everyday life.

Chewing or licking on a particular bark, Arrow poison trees from East Africa, give the rats poisonous saliva. These so-called “toxins” easily attach to the rodent’s hairs, mostly in the flanks. After the toxins attach to the rodent’s hair, they are carried on to their porous and can no longer be removed., This makes the poison attach to specialized places or zones of the rodent’s fur. Even predators are not able to fight against these pests. Any predator dumb enough to bite or even lick these rats feels the biter taste of death. To give you an idea of how powerful this poison is, we humans used it to hunt big animals that we couldn’t kill with artillery.

2021 still surprises us with more events in order for us to know nature is more powerful than humans. These evolutions are only causing humans more problems, and taking us to the edge of extinction. Let’s have in our best interest to be able to stop this before it spreads. I think that the Covid-19 pandemic is actually opening the path for something worse. What I mean by this is that maybe it is a way of preparing us for other events that may come.

Jorge Salinas

My name is Jorge Salinas. I am a junior. I love soccer and tennis. A word that would describe me would be funny.

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