Reasons why you should not vape


What are vapes? 

Vapes are e-cigarettes that by inhaling it creates a vapor usually flavored. These e-cigarettes are usually battery powered and some even disposable. These have cartridges that can be re-filled with liquid that contains nicotine and is usually flavored. 


What does nicotine cause?

Nicotine causes slow brain development in teens and can eventually affect memory. It can also affect concentration, learning, self-control, attention, and mood. Nicotine can also increase the risk of other types of addictions. 


SIde effects of vaping

E-cigarettes can be very bad for your health. It can irritate the lungs and cause severe damage to it. If done continually and for long periods of time, it can damage your lungs so much that it can lead to death. It can also lead to smoking cigarettes or other forms of tobacco use and nicotine abuse. These drugs such as nicotine also affect how people think and act. 


Reasons why you should quit vaping

Although long-term effects of vaping have not yet been discovered, recent studies have shown that it seriously damages your lungs. The addiction becomes stronger and stronger each time you vape. Nicotine also affects your brain, the way you act and think. This can cause a person to get distracted more easily. It also affects your ability to perform sports because it leads to lung inflammation. Vaping is also very expensive. And quitting it can save your life and save you a ton of money.

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