Recap of the season opener at Bahrain

The first race of the 2021 Formula 1 season was surely a very exciting one, to say the least. Red Bull was seen as the top contender, having won all events before the race with their number 1 driver, Max Verstappen. Mercedes had improved since winter testing at the same track, but they still did not have the same pace as before. The Alpha Tauri also looked very strong, with the team’s rookie, Yuki Tsunoda, scoring second place in Q1. When in time of the race, Finishing the formation lap, Checo Perez had his car completely shut off, which caused the other racers to have another formation lap. Once the race started, Haas Rookie Nikita Mazepin spun off on turn 3 which made the new Aston Martin Safety Car come out. Back on the safety car restart, the Mclarens have started their first battle, with Lando Norris wanting to overtake Daniel Ricciardo. Later on in the race, we saw a very exciting battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Max Verstappen had gotten the overtake done, but it happened outside the track limits, so Max had to give back the position to Lewis Hamilton. There was also a controversy with Lewis Hamilton since the track limits in turn 4 were changed twice during the length of the weekend. Lewis clearly found an advantage in exceeding limits in turn 4, with him going outside the track 29 times, giving him an advantage of 6 seconds taken off his total time. This advantage is said to have given Lewis the win over Verstappen. 

Joaquin Balsells

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