Repulsive Gravity

Throughout time, scientists have been figuring out how nature works through observations and testing. Difficult concepts have always caused some sort of controversy within the scientific community, such things like Dark Matter and the ways in which gravity works. People like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein redefined how gravity is interpreted and seen by scientists. Some scientific concepts are harder to prove and are more based on theories rather than actual facts. But, some of these theories could solve the missing pieces to various historical events. The Big Bang was the start of everything and no one knows exactly how it happened. Repulsive gravity, a concept brought up by Albert Einstein, suggests that gravity which is spread out evenly over (Dark Energy) space can counteract the effects of gravity involving mass and repel instead of attract. This is one of the theories that could prove the fact that the Big Bang was caused by gravity expanding and accelerating the process from a single point to the development of an expanding universe.

Borja Echevarria

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