Rivalry in F1

During this F1 season, things between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have been very heated. In this year’s season, 2021, we have seen how when these two drivers are in an equally performing car they can have very head-to-head competition. To put you into perspective, Lewis Hamilton had been a Formula One champion for the past 4 years. He has won another 3 championships before, so in total, he has been a world champion 7 times. He is the best Formula One driver in all of Formula One’s history. Then came Max Verstappen in 2014, driving the Red Bull that, in his golden era, has been the best car in the grid for 4 years. He is a very aggressive driver, this has been seen in this season.

Staying On the same page, we can talk about if the experience is better than talent and ambition. Max Verstappen, since his karting days, has marked his name into the history books. He knew he was going to F1. Now that he has a title competing car, he was not easy on Hamilton. For these past years Hamilton never really had a competition and now that he has it, he is struggling. Even in the paddock, you can see how they are rivals. They bump into each other and in Monza, Italy, they even crashed into each other to get that extra step in the points to extend the lead in the title. 

We are hoping to expect more of this rivalry for the following years. We have to think about how Hamilton, maybe in a few years, will retire. No need to worry, he already left his name in the books. He has made his name remarkable and, as an F1 fan, can’t wait to see him defend the title or lose it.

Fabricio Bedoya

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