Sadness and The Imagination

As unusual as it may sound, one of the causes of sadness is a lack of imagination. More often than not, it is not that we are just “sad”, it is the fact that we can’t imagine a future where our lives may be better than the agonized sorrow that we are currently living in. 

What I mean by imagination, in this scenario, is the ability to think of different perspectives to our situation. When we hit our lowest point, we can’t imagine finding someone else who would understand or allow ourselves to trust another person. We can’t envision moving to another country or creating new friendships. Our power to imagine is intrinsically connected to our ability to be happy. This will lead to the conclusion that with enough imagination, we can get by any problem that we encounter. If plan A has failed we can still look towards plan B, C, or even Z. 

With enough imagination, we can realize that there are other cities we can travel to, other people we can love, and develop meaningful relationships with. This world is so infinite and unfathomably unconcerned about us as individuals. After all, most of us are already grown-ups, we have the opportunity to choose. We do not have to depend on others to be content and we can change our circumstances at any given time. We could live in a hut, in a desert or retrain and still have the willingness to become a doctor. We could change our names or decide to never go out in public again if we feel defeated and ashamed. We can fail and fail again before recovering; everyone does. We can do almost anything if we have enough imagination. 

There are endless possibilities for us as humans. We do not have to follow the path that we have been following for our entire lives. We may have wanted to – but life forces us to adapt and in the end, we are infinitely flexible creatures. Think of it as a puzzle to solve. When you are very sad: How else might you get by? How could you recover from the pile of dung that you are on now? This puzzle involves learning how to rebuild our future given the ruins of our past always remembering to hold to our imagination and infinite thoughts. 

Davi Lima

Davi, is a 11th grader. He writes sports editorials and is a web designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite sport is soccer.

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