Samsung’s Smartphone Scandal

Samsung, one of the biggest smartphone companies in the world, have been found guilty of artificially inflating the performance of their smartphones. There is a software in Samsung phones called “Game Optimizing service.” This forcefully limits the performance of the phone when running certain apps. 

In last year’s Galaxy S21 series, when using high performance apps, the phones were found to heat up, and it would turn itself off. Samsung promised to fix these problems by future updates, and the S22 was expected to solve the problem. 

At first, the phones seemed great. However, this was all a trick by Samsung to cover up the poor performance of their phones. The Game optimizing service limits the phone’s maximum ability so that it would prevent the phone from heating up and extending its maximum battery. Without the GOS, Samsung’s phones would still get unbearably hot and result in poor performance. 

People started to realize that there was something wrong with the performance of the phones itself. When running high quality games, the graphics get blurry, frame rates dropped, and the response would get slower. 

In the end, an insider exposed Samsung’s problem. He claimed Samsung had been doing this for years, and most of their previous phones had the same issue. This was worse for Samsung, because it dropped all the validity of their past reports. Their previous phones lost their benchmark scores (something used to measure the phone’s performance) and customers demanded Samsung to return their money. 

Samsung’s response to all this was to promise their consumers of another software update which would allow consumers to choose whether to use GOS or not. However, unless Samsung fixes the problem once and for all, this worst phone scandal of 2022 is likely to affect Samsung’s future sales and most importantly, consumers’ trust in the company.

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