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Santa Cruz Starbucks coffee

This amazing city Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the lungs of South America located in Bolivia has an amazing chain of food imported from the United states. The cost of having a franchise and license to sell the product, the place, the tables, chairs, coffee machines, bars, software is around $500k. In Santa Cruz they had entrepreneurs with the idea and also had the money. They made Bolivia have a lovely place to go to when you wanna read a book or have an amazing coffee.

This was a huge risk because the franchise plans to expand in the region with more than 740 stores and 10,000 partners collaborators that they currently have in the 12 countries of Latin America. Luckily as you can see in Santa Cruz they are doing great with great staff that makes you feel welcome. We will be seeing more Starbucks in Santa Cruz and right now they are doing an analysis of the market in La Paz Bolivia trying to make their project of opening a Starbucks true they want to open in the areas of  downtown and zona sur.

Let’s hope to see more Starbucks in the future in our beautiful Bolivia, we have huge potential of becoming a country full of variety. Us as Bolivians should follow the steps of the entrepreneurs taking chances.  

Natalia Alanoca

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