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School Lunch Criticized by Everyone

As we all know, every school has a cafeteria and it is there for people who cannot bring food for lunch from their homes. However, the food might not always be great. The cafeteria manager and the office should listen to the students, and maybe apply their ideas on a better way for students to be well fed with healthy and nutritious foods. Students either saying that the food tastes horrible, the tray has a small amount of food, or that they do not prepare them well enough. 

Although some schools do listen to the advice given by students and some teachers, our school, ACS, does not. They did change a few things which may have satisfied a few people, but it should be more open to listen and change their program. Many complaints have come from school athletes who eat from the cafeteria, saying that sometimes it is not very nutritious and since they play sports, they should be able to eat well to perform well in the coming matches. The cafeteria should change its hot and cold lunches, to be more nutritious for everyone whether they are athletes or not. Even though they get complains that the food does not taste, they did not change the service to a nutritious one. 

Every school should be able to change according to the student’s and teachers advice. Students should know what they should be eating and know they should eat well enough to get them enough energy for the next classes, practices, games, and events.

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