School Shooting

When I entered this school, I wondered why we have bulletproof doors in the gym and why we have lockdown drills. When I lived in Tarija, the only dangers that we were afraid of were fires and earthquakes. Then, I started to research and I noticed the many school shootings that are in the U.S. I felt uncomfortable and scared about the idea that at any moment, a student would have a very powerful weapon and kill me. In that situation, I would not be able to do anything to save my life.

Thankfully, there has never been a school shooting in Bolivia. However, there is an incredibly big number of incidents and deaths due to weapons in the U.S. There have been 549 incidents due to weapons since 2013. There can be many reasons for the number of problems, but the most important is the accessibility to weapons in the U.S. Companies like the NRA earn large amounts of money selling weapons to individuals. People armed with weapons defend themselves by arguing that it is a constitutional right to have a weapon.

Many solutions have been proposed in order to solve this problem. Many schools have added more protection to the school; they bought bulletproof doors, cameras, and started new drills to prepare for a shooting. Other schools proposed to assemble the teachers with weapons. However, the apparent most effective solution is to ban weapons in the U.S. It is very controversial because it can affect big companies like the NRA and people who want to collect weapons for fun. 

Fernanda Pedroza

My name is Fernanda Pedroza. I am a senior who loves being happy. I am from Peru. My favorite food is pasta. A word that would describe me would be optimistic.

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