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School Spirit

School spirit is an important part of every school. Students are proud of being part of a great school that makes goals every year. Students try to follow great athletes and smart students. These kinds of people are a great example of what we should try to achieve in ourselves.

In the school of ACS Calvert, we support the School spirit by making championships like the Friendship Games and Cougar Cup. Although we usually do not win, we try to improve every year to compete with a great effort. This semester, we have a volleyball team and a soccer team. Next semester we will organize a basketball team, a knowledge bowl team, a chess team, and an athletics team. Our strongest side is the knowledge ball. We have been winning first place many times in the Friendship Games. 

The most important part of our school is that every student trains hard, helps the team, and plays with everything that they have. Sooner or later, the effort will pay off and we will win an important championship. We do not have to lose hope. This year we are going strong. Go Cougars!

Pablo Penaloza

My name is Pablo Peñalosa. I am a junior who loves basketball. I am from Tarija. My favorite food is seafood. A word that would describe me would be persistent.

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