Seahawks Being Top Contenders for the Championship This Year

Seahawks have started their season strong and full of great players, including the #1 ranked quarterback in the NFL, Russel Wilson. They also have some offensive talent with fast and agile players like Phillip Dorsett. On the other hand, the defensive side has been dominant in every aspect only letting 60% of touchdowns scored. They also have been getting interceptions to get to the other side and score a touchdown. The Seahawks have also begun the season with a great record going 5-0 and being defeated for the first time against the Arizona Cardinals making their record 5-1 this week when they won again so they are now 6-1. They are also the best team in the Western Division. 

This team has the greatest potential out of all the teams because of their #1 ranked quarterback, Russel Wilson. He is not the typical NFL quarterback because every quarterback is tall and skinny, but still has a lot of strength because of how they throw the ball through the whole field. Russel Wilson has a completely different body type being only 5’11 and being super strong. He has bulk body training by lifting. He also joined Lebron James on spending more than $1 million dollars a year in his body. You may be asking why? And how? One million dollars is a lot of money to spend on yourself, but on the other hand, is the best quarterback comes at a cost. Russel spends $1 million dollars a year on: 

  1. Two personal chefs.
  2. He also has personal masseuses
  3. Two hyperbaric chambers
  4. Much more

He also trains 363 days a year because he takes thanksgiving and Christmas off. This is real work and takes a lot of responsibility and commitment. Once again this is why he is the best; it’s simply that he works and trains every day.

We have to wait for the playoffs to see which teams will be the best, winning the Super Bowl and being crowned champions, but the Seahawks have a lot of potentials and are being slept on. 

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