Seniors Are Back!!


Hybrid school is cool, but it is not great to have just half of your class the week you go. So classes’ cohorts are divided in an unfair matter. This is because in cohort A there can be 5 guys and in cohort b there are the rest 20 guys. This was the case for the seniors at the beginning of hybrid school. After a great stucco president, we were able to convince as a class the school’s administration to let all the seniors attend at once on cohort B. 

Let me tell you guys how it is going so far. Today is the second day all the seniors attend school at once, and let me tell you… it is going great. The adrenaline rush that the class clowns had accumulated through the pandemic is amazing. The first period on Monday was a disaster. I could barely hear the teacher because of Jorge Salinas’ screams, or Alex Gamara’s funny comments. Having Patrick Smidtch back together within the class clown community again is something risky but for now, it is all under control. Classes feel normal now; having all of my friends in the same room has felt so weird due to how  I was so used to just see them through a screen. 

Soccer tennis is the main sport in school lunches. This is due to the immense competition and energy that all the senior boys have during lunch. We were costumed to be comfortable at our homes, just having lunch, but now that we can play Soccer tennis, it is really fun. The line might be really long, but the wait is worth it because those few seconds that you are playing the court with your partner feels like hours and the adrenaline is as neet as a new Mercedes. 

I hope all the classes go back to school all at once because the feeling of having all the friends on campus is one that many have forgotten and now that we the seniors are experiencing this, I assure everyone that it is totally worth it. 


Mirko Lebl

My name is Mirko Lebl and I love adrenaline. I live in La Paz, Bolivia and a word that would describe me is flexible.

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