Should the soccer World Cup be every 2 years?

The FIFA World Cup is an international competition between 32 nations that qualified for the tournament. To qualify for the tournament, nations from each continent compete with their neighbors, trying to get a place in the World Cup. That is the qualifying phase, but how is the actual tournament played? The FIFA World Cup is played every 4 years, and the 32 nations are put into groups of 4 countries. In total, there are 16 groups and a total of 64 matches played. The teams fight in difficult matches to reach the final and become the World Cup winners. Nonetheless, all the fun and amusement of the World Cup is gone after a month, and we need to wait 4 years to live the thrilling experience again. The FIFA World Cup should be played every 2 years.

A World Cup every two years will allow more constant experience and more opportunities for countries to participate. The current model of the World Cup is outdated, and soccer needs some reforms. A World Cup every 2 years will allow the seasons’ tournaments to be intercalated between the years the World Cup is played and other tournaments. In that way, soccer will have more quality competitions because there is the time between them, so they can be prepared. Also, this new proposal will allow more countries to have a chance to host the World Cup without having to wait forever for their turn. This advantages viewers as well. If the hosting country is the country they live in, they will have more opportunities to assist in a match without spending a lot of money. Finally, a World Cup every 2 years will give countries more chances of qualifying for the tournament since the competition is played more often. This will provide variety in the sense the countries participating the every World Cup will be different every time. 

There are many advantages of having a World Cup every 2 years. That will allow having quality competitions throughout the year. As well as an increment in the chances of countries in hosting and participating in the World Cup. We should support the ideas and plans proposed by the figure leading this topic, Arsen Wenger. This way, we will live more moments fraught with happiness, sadness, nervousness, tension, between all the emotions we feel during this amazing competition. 

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