Simple steps to get over your ex 

Are you feeling sad, or a little depressed? Do you feel that you will never get over that special someone? Do you constantly think about them? Do you feel that they do not leave your mind?

Well, if you relate to my questions above, this article is for you. 


Simple steps to get over your ex 


1. Disconnect from social media: When breakups occur, many people use social media to see what their ex is up to. That is an extremely bad idea. First of all, you do not want any reminders of them in your life. Second of all, you do not want to see them with someone new or having fun without you because that will just make you feel even more depressed. You should avoid their accounts, or even delete them on social media.

2. Create a new vision of your future that does not include them: One of the best ways to move forward is to actually think about moving forward without them. Write about what you want in the future (your goals.) You might find that there are a lot of options for your future now that you are no longer tied to someone else. 

3. Try new things in order to be busy: Limit the time you spend crying in your room, and try to keep your mind busy. Create a busy schedule where your mind is focused on something else, and not on your ex.

4. Create a support team: It is hard to get over your ex when you are in your room, without any contact from the outside world, crying to yourself. Sometimes, it is easier to get on with life by calling up some friends or going out for dinner. This support team may even come with new solutions for you to get over your ex. 

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