Small But Mighty

Saharan silver ants are the fastest ants in the world but have the shortest legs. Saharan silver ants are known as cataglyphis bombycina, in the science world, support brutal temperature which makes them even more fascinating. Their legs are 18 percent shorter than those of related desert ant, yet these ants run twice as fast as their cousins. How is this possible? Pfeffer, a German scientist, got a high-speed film of the step details of these ants, and discovered that shorter legs compensate by packing more strides into each second. Pfeffer clocked that these ants can up to 855 millimeters per second which are 108 times silver ant’s body length in a second. They have 10 times the stride rate of Usain Bolt. If you ask me that says something. At these high speeds, ants get airborne for just an instant with no legs touching the ground. Pfeffer calls the running of Saharan silver ants as gliding instead of galloping since the ants zoomed up looked smooth instead of galumphing like most. This discovery is amazing. This is enough to crown this species of ant as the fastest ant in the world, but not the fastest insect. How and why is this possible? Was it adaptation for the harsh environment they live on? According to scientists, these little insects needed to run as fast as they do to live in the very hot climate they are at the moment. Another thing scientists speculate is that since these ants live in the desert, they have to travel long distances to get food. The speed these ants acquired with environmental adaptation is an amazing gift given by nature. Nature is beautiful and we should protect it. 

Camila Pedroza

My name is Camila Pedroza. I am a senior who loves her senior class. I am from Peru. My favorite food is pesto. A word that would describe me would be lowkey.

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