Soccer in Europe During the Pandemic

The pandemic completely paralyzed the world of soccer for approximately 6-8 months due to strict quarantine.  After things have been opening back up again, soccer continued, but this time, it was in a slightly different way. In the beginning, some teams played matches with all the soccer players with a negative COVID test, but these matches were not open to the public. The audience was only able to see the matches through television. This was also a huge problem to the teams because they lost an immense amount of money causing many clubs to be in a deep financial crisis. Now that a second or even third wave (in some countries) of Covid is attacking, soccer players must keep their distance from each other while training because it is a huge health risk. They must have their hands sanitized at all times as well and even have more precautions than normal people do. Things have completely changed, but the soccer world is one that finds its way to continue.

Abril Zuazo

My name is Abril Zuazo. I am a senior who loves soccer. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is Sushi. A word that would describe me would be gentle.

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