Soccer Matches Coming Back With pictures as Fans

Sports are starting to come back little by little after three months without any action. Soccer is the most viewed sport all around the world. Soccer plays a very big part in many lives especially in Europe and South America. Many sports have come back with virtual fans for example the NBA, which is just a zoom call and you appear in the arena.

Soccer matches came back through all Europe, but with a big difference than other sports. Fans are not virtual but they are there in the stadium. You may think why did they do that? They are putting the fans at risk. Well, they are not presently there. People pay for their picture to be placed in the stadium. 

Many people might say this is stupid and don’t find the sense in it. On the other hand many people would do this and pay what the team is asking for. This is a very interesting method because they are still profiting during these hard times and stadiums are still getting full but this time only with pictures of people.

This method has absolutely nothing good out of it. This is because people are going through rough times because of the pandemic and teams found the way to benefit themselves and get money. This method is just like throwing your  money away to the trash because you pay a lot of money for your picture to appear in the stadium but after the match your picture is just thrown away and that is the end of that. 

This doesn’t make any sense to me. On the other hand, many people think it is worth it. Everyone has their own opinion.

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