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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a way of giving back whatever you can to the less fortunate people and does not necessarily have to be money. For example, you can donate your own time. In Operation Smile, a huge amount of time is needed in order to be able to organize fundraisers and even to spend time with the kids who suffer from labio leporino.  There is so much need that whatever you give, no matter how much it is, will never be enough. There is always space for more. 

There are many other popular topics such as health, where cleft palate, cancer, dialysis, and down syndrome, form a big part. These are not the only problems, there are many more. In our school, as I mentioned before, there is Operation Smile that raises money for the kids with cleft palate and harelip. Last year, they made a race called, 5K Por Sonrisas. This was a very successful fundraising event. For down syndrome, on some weekends, there are games here in school where the little kids come and play with the students from our community. 

Homes also play a big part. In school, we have many CSP (Community Service Projects) that are related to homes. One of the main projects is  Fuller House, where students go to El Alto to paint and build houses for other people. There is Gota de Leche where students go and spend time with the kids at the orphanage. There is also Acilo which is a home for the elderly where students also go there to help and spend time.

 Every little bit helps. It doesn’t matter how much it is because what really matters is that it must come from the heart. One shouldn’t do it by obligation or only to look good. One should do it to help, to make a difference, and to inspire other people to do it. Need conviction. What seems very little Can mean life and death for other people.

Abril Zuazo

My name is Abril Zuazo. I am a senior who loves soccer. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is Sushi. A word that would describe me would be gentle.

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