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Some Good News About The Coronavirus

Even though this pandemic is making all of us unsure, sad, and anxious, it is always good to know that there could be some good news. Here is some good news about the coronavirus. 



Vó, an Italian town near Venice, examined each citizen,  regardless of whether they felt symptoms, to detect coronavirus and lowered their cases to zero. 



The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there are at least 20 coronavirus vaccines being developed.




Animanaturalis” in Spain, said that due to the coronavirus, 21 bullfights have been canceled, saving 120 bulls. 







Families are pasting drawings in their windows or balconies to connect with their neighbors and spread hope and joy. 





In Iran, a 103-year old woman survived the coronavirus and fully recovered.




At least 14 temporary hospitals in Wuhan, China, have been closed due to the low levels of infection. 


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