Some of the Most Famous Street Arts


  • Banksy’s Palestine


    • Artist: Banksy
    • Location: Gaza, Palestine

Bansky is no stranger to criticize the conflicts in Gaza. In this specific painting, he portrays how the children that were born in this conflict have to cope with this war that feels like it lasted a hundred years.

  • Hanksy’s Dump Trump


    • Artist: Hanksy
    • Location: New York, USA

Although Hanksy is seen by many as a Bansky impersonator, his work titled “Dump Trump” has proven he is way more. The work located in Manhattan was done during the campaign back in 2015 and portrays the now-president of the US Donald Trump’s face merged with a poop emoji with flies around it.




  • Invader’s Bugs Bunny


    • Author: Invader
    • Location: Paris, France

Invader recreated the famous Looney-Tunes character using only tiles. It is a very nice addition to an otherwise regular street in Paris.


  • Iheart Nobody Likes Me


    • Artist: Iheart
    • Location: Vancouver, Canada

The artist Iheart caught many people’s eyes when he created this mural. Many think it is a very accurate representation of today’s social-media-based society and how people get negatively affected by it.


  • Smates Underwater Dog


    • Artist: Smates
    • Location: Belgium

Smates decorated a regular building in Belgium, with the painting of a very cute dog going underwater. He has said that the inspiration behind this work is the viral pictures of dogs underwater surfacing social media platforms. 

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