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Some ways to take notes


Have you ever wondered what it really means to notetaking? No need to keep wondering, you are on the right track. Note-taking is very important for anyone, from a student to a business person. Despite how simple anyone might think notetaking could be, it’s a skill that can save you time and ensure you will not miss what is important.

What is required to take notes

For a proper note-taking, you should consider improving the way you listen and observe the speaker. While you are note-taking it is suggested that you note repetitive words that are important for the topic. Even the speaker will make it evident to you by repeating certain concepts. 

  As you take notes write down any questions that you might have while note-taking. Don’t try to write everything down, try to shorten the words to you write down. Finally, a pen and paper are a must.  

Types of notetaking 

One of the most known is The Cornell Method. Cornell Metho usually are two columns on the page and five steps: record, question, recite, reflect and review. The second method is called The Outline which is usually organized with headings and bullet points and written straight down the page. The third method is called the Mapping Method which means that its starts with one idea in the main topic and then has major points reaching out with sub-points and builds kinda like a tree. The main topic being the middle, the major points being the branches, and the cub points being the smaller branches. 

Benefits of notetaking 

  • You don’t miss an ideas 
  • it’s like a memory helper
  • By looking back to your notes it will help you rember what is important 
  • You have better chances to include all the most important details in your report.


Writing down the most important details of a speech will provided anyone with the adequate information to present a paper, project or a response. Choose the strategy for you, and be willing to listen and observe to not miss what is important. If you are in the right mindset you are ready for your notetaking.


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