Song Banks for Artists

Over the last few years in the music world, various loved and popular artists have perished. But, as time continues, we still see songs being released under their names. Why? How? 

Artists are renowned for having various really catchy and good songs. But, like everyone, they have their fair share of music that they store away because they come up with new and better ideas. Artists store verses, songs, beats, and lyrics for the future when they might find a new place to release it or new different lyrics for a certain beat. 

In certain scenarios, artists use the song banks for certain occasions such as death. When an artist dies, the relatives of the artist are able to either put out the songs or even sell certain verses to those who want them. For example, Drake, in a song he released a year ago, bought a few verses from the famous artist Micheal Jackson and added them to his own song. This made my eyes open to the opportunities that artists have for gaining new attention and new lines to songs from those that were inspiring and famous. 

Apart from verses, the songs that are saved by the artists are later taken out in new albums. For example, the artist JuiceWRLD, a rapper that died about a year ago, has not stopped releasing albums with songs that the public has never heard.

Although you might think that, since these songs were in a song bank, they aren’t as good as the ones he previously published, in my opinion, the new songs that have been released are part of the better ones that he has ever released. 

When I look at this, this gives me a lesson about saving things for the future just in case I might need them or might benefit from storing them and then coming back to them. I believe that this is an important reflection that many people might find beneficial. 

Pablo Echevarria

My name is Pablo Echevarria. I am a Junior who loves downhill. I am from Spain. My favorite food is gyros. A word that would describe me would be extroverted.

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