Sport Sponsors

Over the years, the world of sports has been greatly affected financially. Teams in most sports have the means to create resources in different ways, such as stadium tickets, or advertising campaigns. However, the best way for teams to generate assets and profits is through sponsorship agreements. 

In most cases, we see brands of any kind of product on the jerseys, such as “cements Viacha” on the Bolivar jersey, or the Fly Emirates on the Real Madrid jersey. These agreements consist of the companies giving them a number of resources (money), in exchange for the club or the players displaying the brand of said companies. Sponsorship is a form of publicity for the companies, which become better known.

Finally, we have the last sponsorship move, where Spotify and Barcelona were involved, with a large sum of money in exchange for Camp Nope to carry part of the Spotify brand.


Kengui Condori

Hi I am Kengui Condori, I am in 12th grade. I love to play soccer and all kind of sports. I am from Bolivia and I love to eat salteña.

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