Sporting Events Affected by COVID-19

Where to start, Covid-19 has affected so many areas of our daily lives and for those who are athletes, it has changed their passion. The passion of training on a daily basis, the passion of having a tournament or match to look forward to, and the passion for doing something you love all the time. Some have gone months without training and we have not seen our favorite athletes, teams, or sports for a long period of time. We have lost that thrill of sitting in front of a TV with family and friends to enjoy a soccer game or tennis match. The excitement of your team winning and waiting anxiously for the next match is gone. Most sporting events have been affected by this global pandemic and some have recently gone back to their daily routines. 

The most significant event that was canceled was the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which has been rescheduled for August 8, 2021. When it comes to soccer, the top-flight Bundesliga in Germany resumed on May 16 after a two-month closure. The Euro 2020 and the EURO 2021 Women’s championship tournament were postponed by the UEFA until 2021. Most marathons around the world were rescheduled, yet people have done virtual marathons, and those who finished received virtual medals. All Formula One tracks plan to continue their season without spectators and behind closed doors. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has announced in April that 900 tournaments were to be postponed. Boxing, basketball, and rugby events have also been rescheduled or postponed. 

You get the idea. All sports and athletes were affected by Coronavirus. All events were either postponed or rescheduled. The suspension of seasons and tournaments have led to virtual sporting participation. This pandemic has taught us the true meaning of patience as we wait anxiously to go back to the field or watch our favorite athletes compete for a cup.  


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