Sports During the Time of Quarantine


The new Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by shock. What started in Wuhan, China had soon expanded to have cases in every single country in the world. Obviously this global pandemic has created tons of panic. Worldwide, with the infections and death numbers rising daily, people are obviously scared of this virus. Massive public events have been either canceled or postponed by their organizers, and sporting events are no exception to this. 

It started at first with suspected cases in the NBA, and players making fun of the virus and its severity. This happened with the Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert when he had touched every microphone during a press conference in an attempt to mock the spread of the disease. He had then been tested positive and spread the disease to some of his teammates, like his teammate Donovan Mitchel. More cases throughout NBA players were seen with Kevin Durant, Marcus Smart, Christian Wood, and lots of team’s organization members who had also tested positive to being infected with Covid-19. 

In the case of Soccer, its players, organizers, and sports events canceled with the outbreak; there has been tons of news in regards to these topics. The discussion of cancellation and postponing games had started after the notice of Francisco Garcia, a 21-year-old Spanish Soccer coach who had passed away from Coronavirus. Organizations and leagues had to state what was going to happen to their events. At first, organizers said that their games would continue to be played and broadcasted all through closed doors (without spectators). Two days later, La Liga had announced that they were not going to play at all, either postponing or canceling their games. Soon after this, other leagues had started to postpone their games until further notice. In the aspect of players and Coronavirus, the first major case was seen with Arsenal player, Mikel Arteta having tested positive to contracting the virus. Soon after, Olympiacos owner Evangelos Marinakis had tested positive for having the disease. Another case was seen with Chelsea star Callum Hudson-Odoi having tested positive with Coronavirus, but who has recovered successfully since. Some of the most impactful cases started with Juventus defender, Daniele Rugani who has spread the disease through the team. Rumors about Paulo Dybala contracting the disease had been surfacing through social media, and those rumors turned out to be true when the Juventus star announced that himself, along with his partner had tested positive to Covid-19. 

In the aspect of motorsports, specifically Formula 1, the season has been greatly affected, since the majority of races take place in the western hemisphere, which is where the majority of the Coronavirus cases are held in. The season opener in Melbourne, Australia, was supposed to be held on the weekend of March 15. After Mclaren had reported a case in their members, the team had retracted from the race in hopes of stopping the spread of the virus for the safety of the entire team. Later that day, the FIA, Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, had announced that the race had been canceled. Once the outbreak started, even before the Australian GP had been canceled, the FIA announced the cancelation of the Chinese GP.

In the aspect of school sports, as you might expect, Friendship Games is more than canceled with the majority of the cases being in Santa Cruz and Friendship Games also being expected to be held in Santa Cruz. It would have been nice to have at least one Friendship Games event this year, but it is better for our health and the health of the people around us that we stay safe inside quarantine. Since most of you are likely enjoying lots of snacks in the time of quarantine, it is essential that you do some kind of exercise while staying indoors. It can be basic things like doing 50 push-ups daily or doing 100 curls on your time off, but be sure to incorporate some kind of physical exercise during the time of quarantine in order to stay in shape while at home.

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